Lie Detection: How to Tell When Someone is Lying

Are you concerned that an individual may be trying to dupe you? It can be hard to tell if people are being untruthful especially since nobody can actually read minds. Nevertheless, if you have reason to believe the person wants to withhold the truth, there are signs you can concentrate on. Below are some methods you can use to tell whether you are being hoodwinked.

Check for Inconsistency in the Story
The truth is often absolute. If you ask someone to explain something to you, they need to ensure that they keep their stories straight and consistent. However, this is how many untruthful folks are caught. Your job is easy; identify what changes in the versions of the truth they tell you. This often works well if the person’s first confession was written or recorded. This way there will be no refusing the difference.

Biting the Lips ad Covering the Mouth
This is another way of telling if someone is telling you a lie. Many experts use this method to know if the subject is being dishonest. Sometimes one may use their hand to cover their mouth while they talk. Biting the lip is also common while telling lies. This may be a subconscious tactic to conceal the truth.

Often Repeating Your Queries
Response to questions is another way of telling when someone is telling a lie. Take your time to stud how your subject responds to the questions you ask. At times when someone is not telling you the truth, they may tend to repeat the questions you are asking. This is because thinking fast can be hard. This is why the person might need to buy some time for them to come up with a good story to sell you.

Not Recalling What they First Mentioned
This technique is a classic, which works like a charm. It might sound to you like the very first point. Nonetheless, these two are not the same. In this case one may not add any contradicting info, however, they may forget many things that they had initially said. This may very well indicate that the person is lying to you.

Look at the Gestures and Hand Movements
While for a long time eye detection has been believed to work, there are better ways to tell if one is lying. The type of gestures people make particularly with their hands have a lot to say. A lot of the time, a liar will have an animated motion of hands, not to mention that their face may have misplaced emotions.

While it is next to impossible to know if one is lying, using these cues can help you get closer to the truth.

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