What To Know Before Selling Your Home

Selling a piece of real estate is a big job. It is not one to be taken lightly. The sellers who get the best prices for their property are those who thoroughly prepare themselves before entering the real estate market. This article will share a few handy tips for getting the most out of the real estate selling process.

When you are selling your home and working on the outside to add nice curb appeal take a look at your front door. A nice front door can go a long way in making the outside of your house look nice. Choose a bright or contrasting color so that it doesn’t match your house. Red looks good with green hues and blue goes well with orange hues.

When house hunting during the autumn months, prospective buyers should always watch for telltale signs of neglect that could easily be missed during warmer weather. As an example, perhaps the home’s gutters are stuffed with fallen leaves, or the downspouts do not appear to function due to excessive seasonal debris. A seller who has allowed this type of situation to develop may also have permitted other problems within the house to go unaddressed. Buyers should beware in cases such as this.

Selling your home in today’s sluggish real estate market can be difficult, but you can make it easier by improving your home’s appeal with some quick and easy fixes. Updated kitchens are a main concern of potential buyers. If yours is outdated and a complete overhaul is too costly, consider having your cabinets refaced. This costs substantially less than investing in new cabinets, and the change can be dramatic. Give your bathroom a facelift with a new pedestal sink and toilet seat. A prefabricated tub surround can quickly make those chipped and dingy tiles disappear. Give the walls of any room a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color. Now stand back, and watch the bidding war begin!

Commercial Real Estate

Before you attempt to sell any type of office building, parking lot, or another type of commercial property, you should first consult with a professional real estate agent, specializing in commercial property. An agent who knows how to make a professional deal with plenty of experience should leave you happy when everything is all done. Experienced agents are usually better equipped to connect you with possible buyers and deal with any pitfalls that may occur in the process.

For Sale By Owner

Make sure you have ample time to devote to selling your house if you intend to do it on your own. Selling without the benefit of an agent is so rare that it has a special name in the real estate business: “For Sale By Owner.” FSBO is not impossible, but it does require a much greater time investment by the seller.

Foreclosed Homes

Instead of defining market value as what buyers are paying for similar homes in your zip code, think of it as what buyers are able and willing to pay. When determining selling price, be sure to make allowances for the availability of short sale and foreclosed homes. A house may be worth it, but only if prospective buyers are willing to pay the price.

More often than not, a seller who makes an exceptional profit turns out to be one who was well-educated and well-prepared for the real estate selling process. A solid grounding in the basics of the market, as well as some advanced tips, can protect sellers from being taken advantage of and ensure greater profits in their sales.…

Simple Steps for Buying a Home

When buying a home, you first need to save enough money for a down payment. Many traditional mortgage lenders require a down payment of at least 20% or more of the total cost of the home plus mortgage insurance for a loan. For example, if you want to buy a $100,000 home, then 20% would be $20,000 for a down payment. These lenders can also commonly require mortgage insurance. There are other options for a home loan that you can get with a smaller or no down payment. The (FHA) Federal Housing Administration has a 3.5% down payment loan, is easier to qualify for and the rates are typically lower. Those who have served our country can qualify for a (VA) Veterans Administration loan. VA loans have no down payment and don’t require mortgage insurance. The more money you can afford to use as a down payment, the less your payments will be. Your monthly mortgage payments should be no more than %28 of your monthly income.

Get Approved for a Loan

Take the time to get your finances in order. Pay down any debts, credit cards or loans. Existing debts plus your new mortgage payment should not be more than 41% of your income for instance. Know how much you owe and how much you can comfortably pay monthly on a mortgage loan. When you’re ready with all of your information, start shopping for a mortgage lender. Choose the one that has the lowest interest rate over a 15- or 30-year period. The down and monthly payments should be doable for you as well. Once you have chosen a lender, give them all of your financial information. They will check it all and if your information matches their criteria you’ll be approved.

Get Pre-Qualified

Once you have been approved, ask for a pre-qualification letter. This letter proves you will be getting a mortgage loan and will be able to purchase a home. This letter is important for being able to get the home of your dreams quickly when you find it. It proves your ability to pay and shows you are serious about buying. This letter gives you financial strength to make a better deal quickly on a home.

Find A Home and Close the Deal

Finding a home is a very exciting and an important time in your life. It is one of the big decisions people can make. Once you are approved and pre-qualified, it’s time to consider neighborhoods and schools with any good realtors savannah ga.

Think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need. How close to shopping and restaurants do you want to be? Narrow down the choices most important to you and focus in on a home in your price range. Be sure to get the home you’re interested in inspected for safety. Then there will be the Appraisal and Underwriting. Then you are ready for the Closing. Soon you will be moving into your new home!…

Absorption Rates: Examples of Hot Math

The most important real estate statistic to keep in mind is called the absorption rate, a fundamental measure that defines whether a housing market is hot or cool. It can be very important in deciding your approach as a potential home buyer or seller. First things first, however. What is an absorption rate?

Calculating the Absorption Rate

The absorption rate is found by dividing the number of homes for sale by the number of homes sold. For example, if there were 100 hundred available homes in the month of September and 90 of them sold than the absorption rate would be 1.11. Real estate professionals interpret this rate as how long it will take a home to sell, in this example 1.11 months. Seems relatively simple, right?

A real-world variation makes this equation a little more complicated, but not much. Usually, the number of homes available for sale in the equation is based on a six-month window. Therefore, to sell real estate longmont co could mean the stock of available homes in a six-month period could be 300. This would represent the number of properties put on the market since April. With this new divisor in place, the new rate is found by dividing 300 by 90 to reach the true absorption rate of 3.33. Real estate professionals will say it would take 3.3 months to sell a home based on these numbers.

Hot Market or Not-So-Hot Market

It’s a good idea to get a handle of this number, whether you are looking to buy or sell. It’s a barometer of how the real estate market is fairing and tells a lot about what you can expect. Basically, the lower an absorption rate the hotter a market. If it takes a shorter time to sells a home, the market has a lower absorption rate. Buyer and sellers will have to react certain ways to profit:


Avoid jumping the gun and making an offer on the first available home that looks great for fear of losing out. Doing so can mean ignoring things that could be wrong. Despite the hot market, look at the available stock of homes and do the research.


Consider staging your property. First impressions play a more important role in a hot market in attracting potential buyers. A quirky home that may have had a difficult time in a cool market will have a better chance in a hot market if it looks nice from the curb.

Good real estate agents calculate the absorption rate from town to town or neighborhood to neighborhood. It’s a good idea for a home buyer or seller to look at absorption rates over time versus just a snapshot absorption rate. This can reveal trends that can tell you if a hot market is on the rise and likely to continue or if the market is set to cool down. A look at the absorption rates over time can also indicate what time of the year a market is hot and when it’s not. This can tell sellers the best time to put a home on the market to maximize potential profit and buyer to enter the market.…

This Guideline Will Help You To Learn How To Hire A Real Estate Agent

Simply buying some property and hoping for the best, is not how you invest wisely in any market conditions, much less the conditions we’re dealing with today. Before you go throwing your money away on risky ventures, give this article a read and make sure you’re fully informed about real estate.

Make sure you know who your real estate agent represents in a property purchase. It is legal in many cases for a realtor to represent both parties in a real estate purchase. This means you need to know exactly who is dealing with who, so you know whose interests are being protected in the deal.

Mortgage lenders will use a housing expense-to income ratio to calculate how much of a mortgage you will be able to afford to pay for. They calculate the property tax payments, principle and interest on the loan and insurance premiums on the home and use it to determine your potential payment to see if it is affordable.

One tip to keep in mind when it comes to real estate is to check out if there are any registered sex offenders in the area your are looking to buy. Not only might this possibly put your family in danger, but it may lead to difficulty when trying to sell your house in the future. This is public information and easily searchable online.


Before buying a property, make sure you walk through the home a few times. This will help you to really get a feel for it. Nowadays, due to the internet and ‘virtual tours’, people are tempted to make an offer, simply by what they see on a realtor’s website. This is a big mistake, as you only get to see the positive aspects of the home.

Property For Sale

Find a great neighborhood and then investigate all potential properties. If you find an up and coming neighborhood where property values are on the rise, investigate every property for sale and consider purchasing the lowest priced one. The advantage is this: If you find that the two lowest priced properties in a neighborhood are priced at $150,000 and $170,000 ” buy the $150,000 property and you can place it immediately on the market for $165,000. This gives you an excellent short term investment that will require little to no work on your end, other than arranging the financing and finding a selling agent.

Real Estate Listings

Even though it is very easy to search for real estate listings on the internet, it is still in your best interest to hire an agent to work with you. The agent will be able to answer many questions that you may have, handle the paperwork and analyze data that you would have no idea needed to by analyzed.

Making sure that you’re informed about the market is the only way you will ever make the right choice when buying property. If you can take what you’ve just learned here and use that to locate and purchase property, you should be able to come out on top of any real estate deal you make.…