Some Pointers on How to Become a Certified Pilates Instructor

Various schools with gyms or studios are available for those individuals who want to become pilates instructor with a training that has the intensity and quality. Among the mentioned major schools are Peak Pilates, Physical Mind Institute, Romana’s, Pole Star and Stott. Know that certification is offered in two different kinds, and these are training on a pilates machine and the other one is for mat pilates. Instructors who plan to teach students in both forms are required to be certified also in both certification.

Even if each of these schools have different philosophies and slightly different method in teaching pilates, they all offer an intensive training course for people who are wanting to become certified and knowledgeable teachers of pilates. With people’s different fitness levels and physical abilities, the schools will adjust to these conditions and give complete education on the exercise method, even if the style of exercise differ in philosophy.

Learn further below about these different schools and how they differ for your consideration.

In Peak Pilates, a three level course is offered that a person can take over a year or more broken into 452 hours. The focus in this school is on a contemporary pilates method that covers both mat and machine pilates for both beginners and advanced intensity levels. For a person to begin this 452 hour program, he or she must ilaalready have a basic mat certification.

The next school, which is the Physical Mind Institute, what is offered is contemporary pilates which focuses on the mental aspects coupled with the courses on standing pilates, mat pilates and comprehensive pilates.

The next school offers a 600 hour course series, and this is the Romana’s Pilates, and they focus on the classic method of pilates.

The school of Stott Pilates offer potential instructors also the contemporary pilates for an intensive 310 hour mat instruction course together with an additional 165 hour on pilates machine instruction course.

The focus on Pole Star Pilates on the other hand is on physical rehabilitation and therapy that can be completed over a 240 hour contemporary pilates instruction program.

Generally, one or two intensive weekend sessions are covered to complete certification courses offered in these mentioned schools. In the basic mat certification, students should be able to demonstrate each pilates exercise, and be able to explain how the exercise is done, what muscles work as it is done, and the results to expect after doing the exercise on routine basis for months or weeks.

Depending on how advanced you take the course, you would usually spend from $250 to $5,000 to complete the course.

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