Tyler is in the most eastern part of Texas, toward the north. It is not a huge city like Austin, but it is also not a tiny town. Tyler is relatively well-populated, with a population of about 96,900—as of 2010. The city has a sprawled out feel to it. Compared to the New York Metropolitan area, it looks like the suburban neighborhoods right outside of Queens that are built up.

There are plenty of housing options in Tyler. You can live in an apartment, a house or a mobile home. Yes, there is a mobile home park located within Tyler. You can find homes that are covered by trees, as well as homes that are right out there in the sun. There are plenty of family homes for sale the woods Tyler TX. There are online discussions about whether Tyler is a good place to live. Many people say that they love Tyler and that it is a great place. It is good to grow up in, start families and start businesses. Tyler has a slower pace to it than cities like San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. Tyler is definitely not a place that lacks amenities. It is a place where the culture and politics are more conservative, and it is about 60% white, as of 2010. So, if those conditions tickle one’s fancy, then it is a good place to live. The infrastructure is pretty good, and there are bus lines that run through the city. There are some historic neighborhoods that provide amazing points of interest for everyone who is interested in local history.

Anybody who is interested in trying different types of foods will not be disappointed in Tyler. There are various ethnic restaurants. There are also a lot of chain restaurants and fast food places. Tyler also has a number of parks, a theater and a zoo. Places of higher learning are also available, such as Tyler College and Tyler Junior College.

There are many people who compare Tyler to another town that goes by the name of Longview. There seems to be an eternal argument about which place is better. Longview tends to be socioeconomically lower than Tyler, and “Tylerites” like to talk down about it. Tyler tends to be more on the white collar end, while Longview tends to be more on the blue collar end. Longview is just as good as Tyler when it comes to amenities, local businesses and the presence of an institution of higher education. The place has a Wal-Mart, as well as many other chain stores and local businesses. Longview even has a train stop running through it—something that Tyler does not have. Many people complain that the traffic and air quality are worse in Tyler than in Longview. Tyler has a few things over Longview when it comes to safety and the quality of the schools. People who have lived in Tyler for decades say that the place has less of a small-town feel and more of a hectic, small-city feel to it.